This might not per se be related to electronics, but more in its peripherals iphone cases canada . I’m talking about a cell phone case; more specifically how you can get a waterproof cell phone case and what to look for!

Now, for some of you this might seem so obvious that the first “Doh… ” is already uttered.

Not for me! A waterproof phone case was something I discovered only recently.


I found out about waterproof phone cases when i was on my latest summer holiday. We were in Greece on a nice little beach with a few people around us.

I had no diving or snorkeling gear, let alone a waterproof case. The snorkeling gear might have been more important, because the sea was so clear, and you could see some fish without goggles. I was tempted to ask the other people around me if i could borrow theirs. But I never got around to it.

Then one day, a small Italian girl went swimming, all geared up to start her snorkeling adventure. Not only was she wearing flippers and goggles, but she was also “armed” with her smart phone.

I had to take a close look, and then stepped up to her. She showed me a sort of pouch, which turned out to be a waterproof cell phone case. She was going to take under water pictures!

A whole new world

For me, a whole new world just opened up. My smart phone was already very versatile, but this just changed everything I could do with my phone. Underwater pictures with my own phone! Excellent.

Being on holiday, I was not able to find out where to get a protective cover like that. But surely when i got home I opened my laptop and got online. I never knew there were so many of these waterproof cases available. Amazing.

What to take into account when buying?

As with anything, I believe in doing (some) research first, before buying. I’ve found out the following:

Make sure you actually spend some money on a waterproof phone case (in any phone case I would say, but definitely on this one); you don’t want your phone to get wet. Certainly not with salt water; it’s the worst!