The new bluetooth virtual computer keyboard will revolutionize the since it represents a paradigm shift – from common input devices that we use daily. Similar to how big a small TV remote control, this portable keyboard permits ease of use by people who have disabilities and all but eradicates health concerns of standard keyboards. Also, since it projects a laser display, you will never feel the “stuck” key syndrome. Clean and Green – Back to the Future!!!

Everyone remembers the futuristic cartoon “The Jetsons” and their technological advancements with daily activities: the flying car, the robotic maid and watch dog, the skylift and numerous other labor saving devices. As children, we longed to see your day once we would are now living in some sort of where life was controlled by the use of a single button. Yet the truth is, during this time period, automated technologies were in their embryonic stages and worldwide computer usage was at a clean minimum.


Computers and game titles were groundbreaking inventions because they changed the way we worked and had fun. Sort of like what the pen and pencil had done, as compared to a feather and ink. Computers were a step beyond the traditional output devices used during the timeframe and they made us feel just like we were moving toward a futuristic world. The typewriter, which was the very first successful mechanical device using hand movements to communicate complex thoughts, was eventually phased out of production and daily usage. If you ask a 10 year old to describe the equipment called a typewriter, you’d obtain a look of puzzlement.

Actually, the typewriter remains to be! Yet, not in its original limited capacity, name and bulky form. They’ve evolved into computers. Computers were designed in a manner just like typewriters, in order that its users could easily adapt to them. The computer keyboard kept the exact same “qwerty” format as its predecessor – the typewriter – and the rest is history! The computer offered a lot more functionality than the typewriter, which eventually caused it to become obsolete. So in order to evolve modern thinking to alter status quo, it must be convinced that any new idea being introduced is easily adaptable; along with “better than” that that is already in use.

A Portable Standard keyboard projected by laser display

Today, advancements in digital electronics and bluetooth laser technology have revolutionized the present day standard keyboard. There may come a time in the near future, when the device that Im using to type this short article, can be “passe” ;.The new bluetooth virtual computer keyboard can be an invention that will revolutionize the computer industry because it is portable, relatively easy to use, and has long term benefits on the body and the environment.

The laser virtual keyboard projects an infrared standard keyboard display on any surface (preferably flat). This means that the standard “qwerty” keyboard format that you learned back senior school, is beamed onto any area like a “holographic” display. This product optically detects and inputs human hand/finger motions that mimics keystrokes on a traditional keyboard. Bluetooth technology will enable you to utilize this with desktop computers, laptops, pda’s and Blackberry’s. As I’m writing this, I wonder if the ongoing future of musical instruments, specifically the piano, will ever be the exact same!

Health Benefits for Industry and Personal Use

There are numerous other advantages of applying this technology. Primarily, medical aspect! With the spread of H1N1 and other airborne pathogens, people are becoming more and more cautious of their surroundings. Its not uncommon today, to see people 60% keyboard wearing dust masks and using plenty of hand sanitizing solution. Nobody desires to catch the “super bug” ;.Therefore the question is, “what does all this have to do with your standard keyboard?”

They’ve been found to contain E.Coli (you know, the nasty little bacteria that you dont note that gets on your hand after utilising the bathroom and not sanitizing properly), Staph infections, MRSA – the flesh eating bacteria, stomach flu, and the list continues and on. Keyboard usage is like a handshake or even a kiss.

When you come in contact with one, you share whatever’s lurking on it. Think of the numerous times you’ve seen a co-worker or family member leave the bathroom and not wash his/her hands. Or how about the full time when so and so sneezed (which released 100,000 droplets of germs to the air). If they use computers, then its very likely that there are germs deposited onto the keyboard – ab muscles, single button device that we use to make our lives simpler. A shift to use of new technology can eradicate this problem. The bluetooth virtual keyboard is that solution because there are no physical components that bacteria can come in contact with. Provided that the outer lining it is projected onto is clean, then you’re 100 percent safe. Businesses in the near future will deploy this device because it can help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, along with assist employees with physical limitations.

Ergonomically sound – individuals who suffer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will find that the virtual keyboard is relatively easy to use. Also, when this device is utilized, individuals who suffer with CTS symptoms cannot lay blame on company equipment.

Supports the Green Movement

Last but not least. This technology supports the “green movement” since there will be no plastic keyboards left to contaminate or toxify the environment. Everyone knows that plastic takes a large amount of time and energy to degrade. Yet, whilst in landfills, plastics breakdown into chemicals that are absorbed to the soil and possibly even groundwater. So basically, inside our quest to live comfortably, we have a tendency to cause more problems than we might have initially experienced.

By shifting to a cleaner, greener, ease of use product – the virtual keyboard will revolutionize the way we use computers daily. Not just does the virtual bluetooth computer keyboard offer a paradigm shift for input devices, its very possible that item is also resulted in a virtual display. Imagine fusing a pseudo keyboard, and also a small projector – that emanate from a single device, how big a small remote control.