Edible place cards were a truly outstanding addition to the world of party favors because this one item serves dual roles – first as the event’s place cards and second as the party favor. Punch bar Both ‘must haves’ at many affairs. Tack on to that the fact that people love receiving a delicious favor for them to savor once they return home and you have sheer brilliance!

You have a couple of options when it comes to edible place cards:

Personalized Label Chocolate Bar Place Cards

These personalized wrappers, in addition to having a short message or the name(s) of the guest(s) of honor on them, also include two lines, one with the word “Name” in front of it and the other with “Table”. This way you can fill in the names and table assignments as necessary. I would strongly advise against using a ball point pen to do so – there’s too much chance of tearing through the label. Instead opt for a felt tip pen.

Typically you can choose to buy the wrappers alone and then you would affix them to candy bars or you can also purchase them already wrapped around bars. Most labels are sized for Hershey® bars but with a bit of searching you can also find wrappers for gourmet chocolate bars or larger sized chocolate bars.

Personalized Label Mint Tins

These reusable tins have labels similar to chocolate bars, however, you can use a ball point pen on them since the labels are attached to a solid surface made of tin. Most mint tin vendors also give you a choice of several candy fillings.

Pure Chocolate Edible Place Cards

The king of all edible place cards is the pure chocolate place card. Everything about the place card is edible including the ‘ink’ used to write guest’s names and table assignments. With these all the work is done for you – you simply provide a printed guest list (including their table assignments) to the chocolatier. These tend to be pricey but they are typically at least 5 ounces of solid, premium chocolate. And they definitely have the ‘wow’ factor going for them. If you want your to make a splash at your event – these are the ticket!