I’m sure by now you have heard the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. No different than protecting your identity or vehicle. No different is good advice on keeping your furnace running longer and more efficient with a scheduled cleaning. Simply put you will save money in the long run by prolonging future repairs. Take a look at some general rules for air conditioner cleanings.

  1. Make sure the air conditioner unit is off.

Without this step you’re looking at a more than shocking encounter. Be safe, turn your air conditioning unit off at the circuit breaker panel.

  1. Starting with a quick check of the air conditioner coils.

Servicing your coils, there are indeed some basic steps. Start by taking your hose to dampen the coils. Then grab an industrial strength air conditioner cleaning liquid product. Take a look at the manufactures recommendation on the duration of leaving the cleaner applied تنظيف مكيفات سبليت بجازان. Ok, after however long go ahead and rinse the coils clean.

Depending whether you are cleaning a wall unit a brush attachment on a vacuum can clean your air conditioner coil fins. Don’t forget this step as it is very important.

  1. The air conditioning drain should be cleaned next.

Locate your drain somewhere on your homes exterior. Grab a wet and dry shop-vac to easily clean the drain.

Find the cap and remove it for a real quality cleaning. In an effort to remember replace the cap first thing. What’s that, no plug? Visit your local hardware store to replace it. That is one more critical way to cut your long tern expenses.

  1. Call in a professional for routine maintenance.

You can keep your air conditioning unit as clean as possible but a professional offers guaranties. Hiring a professional will get your air conditioner drain maximum cleaned as well. They offer good options to retard the growth of mold.

  1. Always take time to replace your furnace filters.

It really is important to keep a schedule. When running full time change your filter often. Think of your filter as the battle line. When it comes down to it the steps are easy and the savings are big.