Over the span of time you might have wondered if you usually have to utilize a Dell laptop charger with your Dell laptop. Maybe you’ve had to purchase another charger and you saw one under another brand that was cheaper, or possibly you merely happen to really have a charger left over from an old computer you used at one time. No matter what the reason why, the question’s probably crossed your brain at least one time if you are a Dell laptop owner.

The clear answer is definitely an emphatic “No!” When you’re likely to recharge your Dell laptop you must use an authentic Dell laptop charger or the results could be disastrous.

Now pay attention, since this isn’t some doom and gloom prediction which will probably never come true. If you are using every other charger except a Dell Power Supply you’re courting disaster. dell i3 11th generation laptop  Ignoring all advice against this, some individuals have opted to make use of another brand of adapter with a Dell laptop and have regretted it. Here’s why you should absolutely never try this:

1. Many laptop manufacturers consider using another type of charger to automatically void the warranty.

2. Different laptops use different power supply types and power settings. That’s what makes it dangerous to utilize a charger that’s not the same brand since the laptop.

3. Dell has made their laptop and notebook chargers proprietary. What meaning is that you must get back to Dell and buy their make and type of charger. Even the connectors are Dell specific.

4. Even when the charger fits don’t use it. There might be subtle differences in the electrical frequencies which can prevent the charger from charging the laptop’s battery. The charger might even wind up damaging the laptop.

5. If you are using an alternative charger your battery won’t charge while there is a regulator inside to stop you from using another brand. It’s also there to stop a whole meltdown of your laptop, as the frequency and current of the electricity differs for every laptop.

6. If you are using an alternative charger not just would you damage your laptop so severely that maybe it’s rendered irreparable, but you might also create a fire as well as short out the electricity in your home.

Dell laptops and Dell laptop chargers are made to be compatible only with each other, if you use another type of power supply you do so at your own risk. When your laptop is damaged by doing this you will need to own it repaired, as well as buy a different one out of your own money, and that’s not a cheap prospect. Besides, why would you wish to go with another brand of charger anyhow? Dell keeps its chargers inexpensive and readily available both online and in stores.